Nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award


First off, I would like to thank Aanchal for the nomination. She has a wonderful blog where she too talks about her amazing adventures abroad. I would highly recommend checking it out at We have very similar tastes and interests so any fan of this page would definitely enjoy hers 🙂

Second, there are a couple things I must do before I can actually accept the award: 1) Thank the person that nominated me (check!), 2) Display the award badge (check!), 3) Give 7 interesting facts about myself, and 4) nominate 15 other bloggers.

1. I have been to 12 countries and 7 different states, but my favorite place that I’ve been is Barcelona, Spain.

2. My second favorite is right at home in beautiful, sunny California.

3. Being from California, I definitely fulfill the stereotype; Im tan and I love to surf.

4. I play guitar, and used to play shows all over Los Angeles with my band Defy the Mind.

5. My favorite food no matter what is Hamburgers, but the best meals I’ve ever had in my life where in New Orleans and Munich.

6. Im an animal lover, and one of my biggest goals in life is to one day visit the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda.

7. I love beer and I make it part of my mission to try as much beer from all over the world as possible. So far Oud Bruin by Heineken in Amsterdam and the Guinness in Ireland are tied for first.

Lastly, I must nominate another 15 bloggers to give this award too. If there is still space and you would like to be nominated, mention me in a link to my page on any of your posts, and Il check out your blog for consideration!

1.Snippets of Suri

2. Small-town Girls, Midnight Trains

3. Displaced Beachbums

4. Plus Ultra

5. On the Luce

6. Misadventures with Michael

7. Wise Monkeys Abroad









3 thoughts on “Nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Hey! Thanks so much for the nomination. Apologies for taking so long to response – been very busy with my thesis writing. I’ll follow this up when I’ve some spare time! Thanks again! 😀

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